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Applicants must first be approved to study at West Brothers Music. Each applicant must be of sufficient age for their instrument of study, as determined by their individual instructor. Applicants must have an aptitude for music, the ability to learn music theory and have a positive attitude towards their musical studies. We reserve the right to disqualify applicants based on our professional experience.

Students must determine their available days and times to attend private lesson classes consistently each week. We will attempt to find a suitable open time on our instructors' schedules to enroll you. If we cannot accommodate your schedule we will put you on a waiting list and contact you when an opening exists. When you are ready to enroll, you will be asked to fill out an enrollment form. You must commit to your scheduled lesson day and time, plus commit to one of our Private Lesson Course Tuition Programs. If for some reason during the course of your lesson program you need to switch the day and time of your weekly lesson classes, we will do our best to accommodate you. You may have to wait for an appropriate opening on our schedule to switch days or times.

Tuition Payments
At registration you will pay a down payment based on the Private Lesson Course Tuition Program you choose. Monthly payments towards the balance of your program start at the beginning of your second month of lessons. Monthly payments are due on the first day of each month thereafter, until the balance of the program is paid in full… however, see out Continuing Tuition Payments policy below.
Note: If you discontinue your payments before your tuition program is paid in full, and you do not conform to our "Discontinuance" policy below, the entire balance of your tuition program will become due.

Continuing Tuition Payments
When your Private Lesson Course Tuition Program is paid in full you will continue to pay the same monthly payment each month thereafter, unless you notify us in writing 60 days prior to the first day of the month in which you wish to cancel. Each monthly payment will be a payment in advance for the following month of lessons... (i.e... a payment on January 1st would be for all lesson classes attended in February).

Whether you are still within your Private Lesson Course Tuition Program time period, or it has completed and you are on continuing payments... you must provide a 60 day notice in writing prior to the first day of the month in which you wish to cancel... (i.e. if you were to leave your written notice on July 1st... you would pay for August lessons at that time and August would be your last month of lessons. You would not be billed for September). Failure to leave this notice will result in additional months billed at the same rate and we will cancel your lesson time. You may only discontinue your tuition program per the above conditions if you have a reasonable or verifiable reason as listed here:

• Moving or relocation
• Long-term illness
• Disability
• Loss of employment for more than 3 months

No reason for discontinuance is required if you have completed the contracted time period of your tuition program... however you must conform to our 60 day notice policy above. No refunds will be given for any reason on payments already made.

Private lesson classes take place each week at the same time and on the same day, with the exception of our holiday & break schedule. Students must arrive on-time to receive their full lesson time. Students should attend as many private lesson classes as possible to get the most out of their course studies.

Student Cancellations
If you cannot attend a lesson, we would appreciate as much advance notice as possible. There will be no refunds for missed private lesson classes. We will attempt to reschedule a private lesson class if we have an opening available, and you request the rescheduling in advance of your missed class date.

Class Studies
Each instrument performance private lesson class is based on a complete curriculum of study. We recommend that you are focused in each class and concentrate on getting through the course material in a timely manner. Each private lesson class is approximately 30 minutes. Classes will be broken up into warm-ups or basics, review of previously learned material, introduction to new material and application of your musical knowledge.

Homework & Practice
Students are required to put every possible effort into the practice, development and retention of the material taught in our course curriculums. Practice should be daily for as much time as possible. Your minimum practice time should be what it takes to be prepared for the next class. You should however, attempt to practice repetitively, above and beyond the minimum... forging ahead to new material.

Goals & Purpose
Your goal... as well as our goal for you... is to get you to perform more complex music and understand advanced music concepts as soon as possible. This allows you greater enjoyment of your practice material and motivates you to continue your instrument studies with enthusiasm. Your goal should be to complete the course curriculum of study in your particular instrument, as quickly as possible and be able to feel confident in your skills as a musician. You may wish to attend college for music, pursue music as a career or to just enjoy music as a hobby, or a form of stress relief. Your goal and purpose, never the less, should always be to become an educated and skilled musician.

All students are expected to maintain a professional attitude, proper language and high enthusiasm. Students may be removed from their Program if they are not performing to these required standards.

Holiday & Break Schedule

This is a list of the Holidays and Breaks, during which West Brothers Music does not hold lessons or classes.

• New Years Eve & Day
• Valentines Day - Depending upon when this day falls, we often close at 5:00 pm on this day as a convenience to teachers, students and parents that celebrate this evening. Check with your instructor for details.
• President's Day
• Spring Break - A one week break that usually takes place in the April/May time frame. If you do not see confirmed dates below... please check with your individual instructor for the exact dates.
• Memorial Day
• Summer Break - Usually takes place in July. If you do not see confirmed dates below... please check with your individual instructor for the exact dates.
• Labor Day
• Thanksgiving - Thursday & Friday.
• Christmas Break - Usually takes place from Christmas Eve to New Years. Depending upon where Christmas Eve and Christmas Day fall during the week, we may extend this break. If you do not see confirmed dates below... please check with your individual instructor for the exact dates.

Other Cancellations

Weather Cancellations - We observe the school cancellation policies of the public school system in the town you are studying. For example... If you study in Amherst, NH please check for cancellations in Amherst public schools and evening college programs for that day. You can also contact us via phone or email to verify class cancellations. We are not responsible for weather cancellations and will not refund or reschedule lessons missed due to weather or municipal issues.

Instructor Cancellations - Instructors make every attempt to hold lessons on their scheduled days and times. There may be times when an instructor needs to cancel a lesson due to sickness or other unforeseen issues. We will keep instructor cancellations to a minimum. If a teacher cancels multiple times, you may contact us to see if you qualify for a reduction in your next monthly payment.

West Brothers Music™ reserves the right to modify these policies at any time. Check here regularly for the most recent updates.

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