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David West Pian & GuitarCertificate of Comprehensive Music Studies

Certified by Associated Music Educators Institute™

The Associated Music Educators Institute is an independant group of College Trained Music Professionals.

They will evaluate and approve your Certificate of Comprehensive Music Studies.Students can work to achieve certification in at least one the following areas:

• Music Theory
• Scale & Chord Performance
• Repertoire Performance

Drummers and non-melodic percussionists may substitute rudiments for scales and chords on certificates.

Non-chromatic, Single Key Instruments, or other specialty instruments would substitute the standard scales, exercises and rudiments for that instrument Check with your instructor to see if your instrument qualifies for our certificate program.

Repertoire Performance will be offered in one of three levels

1. Fundamental Repertoire Performance
    (high-beginner level repertoire)
2. Compulsory Repertoire Performance
    (high-intermediate level repertoire)
3. Advanced Repertoire Performance
    (advance level repertoire)

We will let you know what is required to pass each certificate. You and/or your teacher(s) are responsible for studying the required information.

All of the areas of certification will be evaluated by AMEI Alumni Associates and Directors. Upon successful completion of a certificate program, students will receive a Certificate of Comprehensive Music Studies relating to the area(s) of study.

Certificate of Comprehensive Music Studies in:

101 Music Theory: $100

102 Music Theory, Scale & Chord Performance: $150

103 Music Theory, Scale, Chord & Repertoire: $175, $200, $225 (Performance Lever 1, 2 or 3)

Tuition for Certificate 103 respectively depends upon the level of performance.

Your instructor will help you... during private lesson classes or other classes... to study and prepare for the submission of required certificate materials.

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